...a worldwide hot news, designed for complex strenghten.
Rowing Bike

ScullTrek® is a new type of bicycle designed not only for cycling but also as a universal fitness equipment for both, an aerobic exercising and a complex muscle strengthening. A body movement required for ScullTrek® motion is at the same time a balanced body workout, in which all the involved limb and trunk muscles work. Comparing to other studio equipments, the greatest advantage of ScullTrek® is that it can be used in the open air. Though ScullTrek® was originally thought to be used mainly in rowing and sculling as it simulates the specific body movements of scullers or skiffers, nowadays we can see it becomes more and more popular as a training appliance with people in different kinds of sport.

ScullTrek® as a unique world product has applied for being granted the PTC patent. ScullTrek®'s body frame is made of high-quality polished stainless steel. All its movable parts, e.g. seat, treadle carriage, are seated in the roller-bearings, what guarantees their long lifetime and easy maintenance. Our potential target customers are not only scullers, who can use ScullTrek® instead of a static in-door simulator for training, but also bikers, fitness studios and various individuals who are in sport or who are fond of spending their free time in the open.